Does your air conditioner refuse to shut down? Is your air conditioning system failing to turn on? Are you experiencing a constant drop in the quality of air conditioning? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then your air conditioner’s thermostat is the probable cause. Generally, your thermostat is the central command center where all the settings and calibrations of your AC unit are done.

That said, if you experience any significant problems with the air conditioner and are sure that nothing major has happened to the components of the AC unit, take a closer look at your thermostat. Essentially, the cooling system might fail due to various reasons, such as problematic structural and electrical components. However, if nothing has happened to the unit regarding electrical or structural problems, then your thermostat is most likely the culprit.

To identify a broken thermostat, look for the following signs.

Failure of the AC to Turn On

Typically, you use the thermostat to turn on your air conditioning. Therefore, if you switch on the AC unit from the thermostat and nothing seems to happen, your thermostat is most likely broken. Any attempt to turn on any air conditioning system component will be met with a lack of response. This problem could be caused by factors that include problematic settings, fried internal components, or a general programming failure. To restore the thermostat’s functionality, you can try to reset your thermostat by cutting the power supply and restoring it. This will prompt the thermostat to reconfigure itself during the consequent rebooting process.

Failure of Your Air Conditioning to Turn Off

If your thermostat gets broken after switching on your cooling equipment, it might fail to send a turn-off signal. Essentially, the thermostat will fail to sense the attainment of the required indoor temperature and keep running. When this happens, the temperature in your house can drop to freezing levels. In addition, if your air conditioning system was on a heating routine, you might experience equipment damage and severe health problems. Before contacting the technicians at Healthy Home Heating & Cooling LLC, be sure to turn off the power supply for the air conditioner. This will forcefully stop the AC unit from running and prevent any further damage.

Mismatching Temperatures

Though rare, you may experience a time when your thermostat reading is different from the actual temperature in your home. For instance, you might find your thermostat is reading a very low temperature when the heat in your house is going through the roof. Essentially, this indicates that your thermostat cannot sync the temperature settings since it is broken. Typically, your thermostat will fail to sync the temperature settings either due to poor configurations or incorrect settings. Additionally, this problem might arise from broken communication between the thermostat and the temperature regulators, leading to irregularities.

Constant Loss of Settings

An air conditioner is only an asset if it can match up to your needs. For this particular reason, most AC units come with programmable thermostats that allow you to add your own custom settings. Essentially, you get the opportunity to set temperatures that are most conducive to you. When your thermostat is broken, it will fail to keep your configurations. You might notice this issue if your air conditioner keeps reverting to factory settings. Technically, this could be due to memory losses or corrupted internal operations of the thermostat. To restore the correct operations, you can reset your thermostat by cutting off the power supply and letting it cool for up to 30 minutes. When you reconnect the power supply, the normal operations of the system should be back. If this does not happen, contact an expert for assistance.

Short Cycling

Short cycling involves bursts of the AC unit turning on and off, preventing it from completing a full cycle. You may notice that your air conditioner starts a process such as cooling but then shuts down before the cycle is complete. In this situation, your thermostat has problematic communication with the air conditioning components, leading to untimely shutdowns. This problem will cause insufficient cooling in your home. Though a fried diode or bad wiring could cause short cycling, the problem can also develop from incorrect configurations. Therefore, before talking to an expert, try resetting the device.

A broken thermostat means a broken air conditioning system. Therefore, getting your thermostat fixed is of utmost importance. In most cases, resetting your thermostat will do the trick. However, if it does not work, you can turn to the technicians at Healthy Home Heating & Cooling LLC for an evaluation. We offer heating and cooling installation, repair, and maintenance services to De Pere residents. For more help with your thermostat, contact us at Healthy Home Heating & Cooling LLC today.

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