Think of it as Peace of Mind insurance

    Few things are more frustrating – or potentially expensive – than dealing with the failure of one of your home’s comfort systems. Whether it is your heating system in the winter or the cooling system in the summer, their ability to function properly is not something you should have to worry about.

    That’s why our Peace of Mind Program has become so popular with our customers. This exclusive preventive maintenance program features two annual onsite check-ups to ensure your home’s indoor and outdoor units are in peak working condition. Customize your Peace of Mind Program with premium add-ons including filters and UV bulbs.

    Our highly trained technicians will run through a checklist that gets your equipment ready for heavy usage during peak seasons. If an issue does arise, participation in our Peace of Mind Program guarantees you will receive priority service regardless of the time of day.

    Preventing emergencies and minimizing repair costs is what the program is all about. In fact, we’ll even give you a 20 percent discount on any repairs we have to make and a 10 percent discount on all indoor air quality items just for being a Peace of Mind Program customer.