If you schedule regular furnace maintenance in De Pere, WI at least once a year, you will keep your unit in peak working condition. Every time that you turn on your unit, some parts will shift out of place or some screws become loose. While these problems won’t have an effect on your unit initially, they can slowly add up. A minor shift here and there will often become a large shift that can affect your unit’s performance. By correcting these issues early on with regular furnace tune-up, you can avoid a lot of headaches in the future.

You can schedule heating maintenance anytime during the year, and you can also get your system serviced more than once a year if it is older or if you notice that it seems to act up more frequently. If you are only getting your unit serviced once a year, we highly recommend that you try to schedule the maintenance during mid-to-late fall. The cleaning will get rid of all pollutants and contaminants on the surfaces and crevices, and you’ll also have plenty of time to correct any issues that may arise.