NEWS FLASH: Wisconsin Winters A Marathon, Not A Sprint

NEWS FLASH: Wisconsin Winters A Marathon, Not A Sprint

Back in high school, you may remember watching the track and cross country teams practice for their competition meets.

The sprinters could be found on the oval track, practicing their exit from the starting blocks and their follow through across the finish line.

The distance runners, on the other hand, could be seen along the local streets and paths.  They were always running to find – and keep – their peak performance levels.

Wisconsin winters can be compared to that distance run as they tend to be long and grueling.  Let’s look at some tips to help get your home’s unit into shape for what we know as the Wisconsin marathon.

Today’s condensation furnaces can be compared to the track team that prepares for the long run.  We see many homeowners attempting to weather the cold winters without providing their heating unit that important first step: regularly scheduled preventative maintenance and tune up.

Condensation furnaces are just as they sound; they condensate water, making regular maintenance more important, not less.

The lack of proper oversight will bring a modern condensation-type furnace to its knees.  Not only will the unchecked condensation cause damage six to seven times the cost of your tune-up, it can also lead to potential health hazards in your home.  One example of this is an undetected crack in your heat exchanger that can cause carbon monoxide to leak into your home’s atmosphere.

As your furnace condensates water, it has an acid content to it and something as simple as a small drip on a constant basis can bring repairs of a major variety.

Our slogan of preventing emergencies and providing peace of mind, is more than just a slogan, it’s a warning to be heeded before the Wisconsin winter takes charge.

The purpose of preventative maintenance is to allow your furnace to keep peak performance through the marathon we know as the Wisconsin winter.  Call us to schedule a tune up for your furnace and take that first step in training for the Wisconsin marathon.

Schedule a tune up and give your family the peace of mind of a warm and healthy home this winter.


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