Keeping your home fully heated during the winter can be difficult. You’ll likely struggle with drafty rooms, hot and cold spots and expensive energy bills. Space heaters may seem like a convenient alternative if you need a smaller area heated. Furnaces and space heaters have a variety of benefits that can help your home and family. Determine how to safely heat your home while saving money this winter.

Pros and Cons: Furnace

A furnace is the most common type of central heating in residential homes. These heating systems likely require gas, electricity or propane. Your furnace works by warming the air through combustion gases or electric heating elements. This heated air is then circulated in your home until your target temperature is reached. Furnaces are ideal for homes and other large areas that need a lot of heat.

Always consider the safety of your home when using your furnace. If you use a fuel-based system, you need proper ventilation to minimize gas buildup in the home. Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas that has no smell or taste. Unless your home has carbon monoxide detectors, you won’t notice the presence of this gas until you’re in danger.

Your furnace also needs regular maintenance and repairs to preserve its safety features and efficiency. Parts can wear down over time and compromise your system’s ability to run smoothly. Maintaining your system can minimize your need for expensive repairs and prolong the system’s lifespan. If your energy bills rise steeply one season, your furnace may need a tuneup to restore its efficiency.

Using your furnace through the winter is the most practical and safe way to heat your entire home. Space heaters don’t have the strength or capability to properly heat large areas. If your home is a little too cold or you suffer from temperature inconsistencies, consider employing a few space heaters in necessary areas.

Pros and Cons: Space Heaters

Space heaters are convenient ways to heat small or medium rooms. They’re great in bedrooms or living areas that your family use often. Just like furnaces, space heaters often use fuel or electricity. The best option for your home usually depends on your local energy rates. Space heaters come in a variety of sizes and capabilities to fit your heating needs.

The most common version of this appliance is a convection heater. This style uses oil to create surface heat that can then be pushed around the room. Radiant heaters work similarly but instead use photons to generate warmth. These two heaters often look and act the same. Your home could also benefit from fan-forced heaters or micathermic panel heaters. When choosing the best heater for your family, consider your household needs and safety requirements.

Space heaters are perfect if you have children or older family members who need a little more heat. However, you also need to take precautions when using several of these appliances. Always provide enough ventilation if the heater is fuel-based. Improper preparation and setup can result in dangerous carbon monoxide buildup. You should also never run the heater at night or when you aren’t able to monitor it. Space heaters are generally small appliances that can easily be knocked over.

Keeping space heaters in a home with several small children or pets may be difficult. Elevate the appliance to keep it safely out of their reach. These heaters are great sources of complementary heat. They can warm up drafty rooms and provide additional comfort when the temperature outside sinks into the negatives. However, you’re more likely to pay more each month if you try to heat your home with only these heaters.

Investing in the quality and efficiency of your furnace is the best way to safely heat your home in the winter.

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