Do You Need to Cover Your HVAC Unit for Winter?
November 18

Do You Need to Cover Your HVAC Unit for Winter?

One question we hear quite frequently from our customers is whether it is necessary to cover an outdoor HVAC unit over the winter. HVAC units… View Article Read More

Child next to humidifier in De Pere, WI
October 11

Can a Whole-Home Humidifier Cause Mold Issues?

If your home constantly feels overly dry and staticky during the winter months, a whole-home humidifier is a great option. Dry air is a common… View Article Read More

Furnace Leak in De Pere, WI
September 12

Why Is There Water Leaking From My Furnace?

It can be frightening to see water pooling up on the floor next to your furnace. This situation can often make people think the worst… View Article Read More

AC with a High SEER rating in De Pere, WI
August 16

What are SEER ratings and why are they important

If you’re in the market for a new air conditioner, one of the most important things to consider is the SEER rating. But what is… View Article Read More

Maintenance Agreements in De Pere, WI
July 19

The Importance of Having a Maintenance Agreement

With all the different maintenance tasks to keep your home in good condition, it’s easy to question the value of a maintenance agreement. Discover why… View Article Read More

Whole House Dehumidifiers in De Pere, WI
June 15

8 Reasons Why Whole-House Dehumidifiers Are Worth the Investment

Excess humidity in your De Pere, Wisconsin, home can make your entire living environment feel far hotter than it actually is. Too much humidity can… View Article Read More

Air FIlter in De Pere, WI
May 18

How Often Should You Replace Your HVAC Air Filters?

Your home’s HVAC air filters play a huge role in keeping your household systems functioning. Whenever the heating or cooling unit is circulating air to… View Article Read More

Smart Thermostats in De Pere, WI
April 14

Best Practices for Installing Your Smart Thermostat

is De Pere’s trusted company for the comprehensive care of heating and cooling equipment. We know our customers are always looking for ways to save… View Article Read More

Space Heater in De Pere, WI
March 17

Can I Save Money by Using Space Heaters Instead of a Furnace?

Keeping your home fully heated during the winter can be difficult. You’ll likely struggle with drafty rooms, hot and cold spots and expensive energy bills…. View Article Read More

Furnace Repair in De Pere, WI
February 15

How to Make Your Furnace Last Longer

How to Make Your Furnace Last Longer There’s no denying the fact that a furnace is a very large investment for the average homeowner. While… View Article Read More