Smart Thermostats Are Cool, And Here’s Why
A simplistic photo of a round, modern, programmable digital thermostat, on a clean white wall in heating mode.

Smart Thermostats Are Cool, And Here’s Why

The temperature is rising! With this in mind, learn the “cool” benefits of updating to a smart thermostat.


Do You Have a Smart Thermostat?

Some mistaken their programmable thermostat with a smart thermostat. So, let’s quickly outline the differences in what they are and offer.

Regular (non-programmable) thermostat:

  • Set and adjust the temperature only
  • Often either a mechanical unit with a dial or slide lever, or a digital display unit with up and down buttons.
  • No programmable options or features.

Programmable thermostat:

  • Set and adjust the temperature
  • Program your thermostat to change based on a schedule (ex: the time of day or day of the week)
  • Digital display

Smart thermostat:

  • Set and adjust temperature
  • Can control temperature remotely
  • Digital display
  • Can learn from your behaviors
  • Can adjust itself based on conditions such as humidity
  • + more (features are subject to the model)


Why Get a Smart Thermostat?

Now that we’ve outlined the basic differences between types, let’s dive in to why they are quickly growing in popularity.

Convenient Control Features:

Control remotely

The days of forgetting to adjust your thermostat before leaving for vacation are over. You can control your home’s temperature remotely via phone, tablet, or computer. Feeling chilly watching your favorite flick? Grab your phone and adjust the temperature.

Control via voice

Some thermostats can even be controlled by linking it to your home assistant.  Alexa, turn the air up, please!

Control who has access

Avoid those “I swore I set the thermostat to 72°” moments


They Save Money:

Save on energy bills

Although they might cost a little more upfront, smart thermostats can easily pay for themselves with the money saved in heating and cooling bills. In fact, according to the EPA’s Energy Star Program, smart thermostats can save up to $180 per year.  

Receive incentives

Do your research; you can sometimes receive incentives for even having a smart thermostat installed. Focus on Energy is a Wisconsin organization that focuses on making homes more energy efficient. They offer a number of incentives for WI residents that make updates to their home, including heating and cooling systems and thermostats.  It literally pays to upgrade.

Avoid costly repairs

Some units have maintenance notification options, and can notify you when something is not quite right with your system, when your filter needs changing, or when it is time to schedule a tune up. Such features will help you avoid costly repairs by being proactive about the health of your HVAC system and catching issues early.


Other “Smart” Features


Smart thermostats can automatically adjust themselves based on the outside climate to optimize the inside climate of your home.  They can learn your schedule by observation, and also turn themselves off when nobody is home.  

Temperature notifications

You can opt to get alerted when the temperature in your home falls or rises above a certain temperature.