Healthy Home Heating & Cooling LLC is De Pere’s trusted company for the comprehensive care of heating and cooling equipment. We know our customers are always looking for ways to save energy, especially with the high heating bills that come with Wisconsin winters.

Regular maintenance from our experienced crew will make it so that your furnace or air conditioner performs efficiently. However, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of a well-designed thermostat. These units are the brains that signal your equipment when it’s time to change the temperature. Smart thermostats perform this task while lowering your operating costs. Once you decide to upgrade your thermostat, you must also develop a plan for smart installation.

Why a Smart Thermostat Is a Wise Choice

Modern technology has changed the capabilities of thermostats. It used to be that you could only change the temperature by turning a dial or by pressing a button. Non-programmable thermostats were fine if you didn’t want to adjust the temperature too often.

Programmable thermostats offer more control. The settings you enter let you adjust the temperature to fit your family’s schedule in general. You might have one group of settings for the work week and another for the weekend. Some models allow you to build a schedule for each day.

Artificial intelligence empowers smart thermostats with the ability to learn your schedule. When properly programmed, these units might start adjusting the temperature when a paired smartphone comes into range. Most smart thermostats have sensors that learn your family patterns. Reducing the activity of your heating and cooling equipment by a few minutes each day results in impressive savings over time.

Adding a C-Wire

Smart thermostats have features that require a dedicated power source. Their touchscreens and Wi-Fi connectivity demand a more reliable connection than older units. The instructions will guide you to connect your device to a C-Wire at the installation point. This low-voltage electric wire provides 24 volts to the system for constant power.

Most new homes already have a C-Wire in place, but it may be absent in older homes. Unless you have professional training, working with your home wiring is not something you should undertake alone. Hiring a professional to add the C-Wire will help your system run properly while maintaining your safety.

Additional Requirements

One of the benefits of smart thermostats is their ability to work with other devices connected to Wi-Fi. A dependable wireless internet signal is essential for proper performance. Purchasing a unit that integrates with your current wireless technology will give you more control options.

Smart thermostat designers release their products with online control apps. Downloading the app to a smartphone or tablet will let you control the unit remotely.

Programming Your Thermostat the First Time

The smart thermostat learns your family’s patterns and preferences, and your initial input goes a long way in making that happen. Programming a schedule with preferred temperatures provides a baseline for operation. From there, the unit will learn from your behavior.

Every time a family member adjusts the temperature in a zone, the unit remembers the time and setting as a data point. Some thermostats have motion sensors that recognize when rooms are occupied or empty. By analyzing data about zone usage and temperature preference, these units empower efficient temperature control for your home.

Going on Vacation

Turning down the thermostat was one of the final steps on vacation to-do lists with older models. If you missed this task, it meant wasted energy and an unnecessary expense. A smart thermostat makes it simple to fix this problem. You can access the settings from your smartphone while you relax at the beach. If you have to return home early, you can tell the unit to adjust the temperature on your way from the airport.

Determining the Best Location

A thermostat upgrade gives you an opportunity to rethink the location of your temperature control devices. The present location may go back to an older system with fewer zones. If you are uncertain, our friendly technicians can help you find the right place in any zone.

If you have a multi-zone setup, you should place your thermostat in the room in the zone where people spend the most time. It should react to the ambient temperature in the room, so you want to have some distance from heat sources like air vents, direct sunlight, and windows.

De Pere’s Choice for Home Comfort

The experts at Healthy Home Heating & Cooling LLC strive to give De Pere residents a comfortable home throughout the year. We specialize in the installation, maintenance, and repair of home heating and cooling systems. For more information about improving your home’s climate, contact Healthy Home Heating & Cooling LLC today.

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