New Furnace Models from Healthy Home Heating & Cooling LLC Run Quieter and Consume Less Fuel

If you live in Wisconsin, your furnace runs more than half the year, making a high-efficiency furnace in Green Bay a smart investment for the long-term operation of your home’s heating system.

“A high-efficiency furnace will consume approximately one-third less fuel than older, less efficient furnaces,” explains Russ Van Den Elzen, owner of Healthy Home Heating & Cooling LLC. “The reduction in fuel costs over the life of your new furnace can add up to significant savings.”

Newer furnace models not only operate more efficiently, but they also do so with reduced noise and maintain the temperature at a more constant level. Healthy Home Heating & Cooling LLC carries the U.S.-made EverRest product line on the strength of its reliability, low failure rate, and overall quality.

“If your furnace is more than 15 years old, it may be nearing the end of its life expectancy,” Van Den Elzen says. “Many of our customers find they would rather invest in a high-efficiency furnace now than wait for their old furnace to fail. Inevitably, that seems to happen on the coldest of weekends in the middle of the night.”

High-Efficiency Furnace Still Needs Maintenance

Regardless of the brand, regular furnace maintenance is a must for maintaining performance levels. Healthy Home Heating & Cooling LLC’s Peace of Mind Program is an exclusive preventive maintenance program that features two annual visits to check your home’s heating and cooling systems.

The Peace of Mind Program is the premier furnace maintenance package in Green Bay. It is designed to prevent emergencies such as furnace failures and minimize repair costs.

Healthy Home Heating & Cooling LLC, Indoor Air Quality Specialists

Healthy Home Heating & Cooling LLC is a Green Bay, Wisconsin-based provider of residential and commercial heating, cooling, and air quality systems and service. The company provides sales and emergency repair service within a 60-mile radius of Green Bay, Wisconsin, as well as a preventive maintenance subscription program designed to prevent breakdowns and major repairs.

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