One of the main reasons we have our Peace of Mind Program is to ensure that annual tune-up and in return, address any potential carbon monoxide issues in your home.

Carbon Monoxide is deadly, and more so because it is very difficult to detect. A sleeping family can be overtaken by this odorless, colorless toxic gas if proper maintenance and precautions are not adhered to.

This silent hazard can cause severe injury or death before a family is even aware it is present in a home. It is impossible to see, taste, or smell it before reaching a dangerous level in your home.

Where does it come from?

Many of the sources of carbon monoxide hazards are found in your home’s different heating sources and furnaces. If you use a gas or kerosene heater proper ventilation is a must.

Tobacco smoke and the wayward fumes of an attached garage are also common sources. These can be avoided by taking those fumes out of doors if you smoke and actually taking the time to remove your auto from the garage while it warms up in the morning.

The number one source of carbon monoxide danger will come from your furnace, water heater, or gas cooking stove. Annual checkups and readings will help to monitor this to alert you to any current or potential dangers.

Should I measure my Carbon Monoxide Levels?

Absolutely. There are a variety of Carbon Monoxide monitors. There are stand-alone units, battery-operated units, units that will provide CO and Smoke detection together. Recent years have brought CO units that can tie into your Home Automation system. Most CO detectors are only good for 5 years.

Here is a good reference to the different types and Reviews for 2016 Carbon Monoxide monitors.

How can I keep my family safe?

First off, research a Carbon Monoxide monitor that will fit your particular needs. Look closely at tying it into your Automated Home if that is how you are set up. Also, decide if the convenience and location of a combined CO/Smoke Detector unit are for you.

Next, have us over for that annual tune-up. Our technicians will explain any immediate and potential dangers throughout your home’s comfort system.

We can schedule your furnace tune-up or to rest assured you are always covered, look into joining our regular preventative Peace of Mind Program.

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