Some Furnace Repair Issues are More Immediate Than Others

Furnace repair in Green Bay is an important aspect of home maintenance in winter, with issues ranging from dirty filters to safety concerns such as carbon monoxide. Whatever your furnace repair issue may be, Healthy Home Heating & Cooling LLC provides the professional service you need to get your heating system back in efficient working condition.

Top 5 signs furnace repair is needed
  • Strange noises – Every house makes noises, and no one knows the regular noises your furnace makes better than you. Loud noises and those that weren’t there a week ago are good indications that something might be amiss. Squealing noises may indicate a problem with your furnace’s belt or fan while banging noises could mean something inside your furnace has broken loose.
  • Not enough heat – If the temperature inside your home never gets up to a comfortable level regardless of how high you crank up the heat, you should schedule an appointment right away. The cause of the problem could range from a faulty thermostat to poor ductwork.
  • Unusual smells – This is virtually never a good thing, and can even be a dangerous thing. A strong, unusual smell around your furnace or coming out of the ducts could indicate any number of issues including a gas leak.
  • Carbon monoxide detector – Turn off your furnace immediately if the carbon monoxide detectors you have around your house or the detector that comes with your furnace have been activated. This toxic gas is odorless, so don’t wait until you smell something to turn off the furnace. Open your windows, get out of your house and schedule an emergency furnace repair visit right away.
  • Deteriorating air quality – This is the furnace repair issue easiest to fix, or at least improve. The amount of dust and other foreign particles floating around in your home’s air often is a direct result of how dirty the filter is in your furnace. Especially if you have pets, changing the filter as often as once per month is a good idea.

Healthy Home Heating & Cooling LLC specializes in Green Bay area heating and cooling issues, including furnace repair and furnace replacement. Don’t wait for your furnace to fail completely before scheduling an appointment.

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