Home HVAC repair in Green Bay has a clear leader

Home HVAC repair in Green Bay has a clear leader

Healthy Home Heating & Cooling named “Best of the Bay” for 2019

Home HVAC repair in Green Bay is a year-round service thanks to the demands made on heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems by a fickle Mother Nature. Green Bay area residents recently recognized the comprehensive expertise and exceptional customer service provided by Healthy Home Heating & Cooling, LLC, by naming the company “Best of the Bay” in an annual survey conducted by the Green Bay Press-Gazette.

“There is nothing better for a small business than receiving positive reviews from our customers,” comments Nick Conner, owner of Healthy Home Heating & Cooling, LLC. “We are honored that our home HVAC repair services are thought of so highly that people listed us as their favorite company in the heating and air conditioning (HVAC) service category.”

The roller-coaster nature of Wisconsin weather means your furnace and air conditioning unit need to be in optimal working condition virtually all year long. Several months of inactivity, such was the case with air conditioning units after this year’s long winter, may leave that system in need of attention.

Home HVAC repair in Green Bay is a phone call away

Heat waves and cold spells put strains on home comfort systems that trigger requests for home HVAC repair and questions regarding zone heating and cooling in Green Bay. Healthy Home Heating & Cooling employs highly trained technicians that respond to calls throughout Green Bay and the surrounding area.

Preparing your equipment for peak season performance often involves maintenance visits such as those included in Healthy Home’s Peace of Mind Program. This program focuses on minimizing home HVAC repair situations and provides priority service if an issue does arise, regardless of time of day.

If you are looking for seasonal maintenance or general home HVAC repair, let us show you why we were voted “Best of the Bay” in 2019.

Healthy Home Heating & Cooling, LLC, indoor air quality specialists

Healthy Home Heating & Cooling is a Green Bay, Wisconsin-based provider of residential heating, cooling and air quality systems and service. The company provides sales and emergency repair service within a 60-mile radius of Green Bay, Wisconsin, as well as a preventive maintenance subscription program designed to prevent breakdowns and major repairs.

For more information or to schedule a visit, please call (920) 884-9119, or visit https://healthyhomeheatingandcooling.com/.

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