The Basics Of Heat Pumps In The Greater Fox Valley Area

    Heat Pumps

    Luckily for us, there are many more options and combinations for heating homes in the Greater Fox Valley area today than there were just a few years ago, and one of the newer technologies now available to us is the use of heat pumps.

    You have probably seen homes with heat pumps and assumed they were outdoor air conditioner components. They virtually look the same and, in their basic operation, they even function in a very similar way.

    Winter Heating

    Winter HeatingInstead of a big furnace in the house, heat pumps operate by trapping the natural heat in the environment and then bringing it into the home. This is the exact opposite of your air conditioner that is designed to expel heat out of the house. However, both use fans and blowers to move the heat through the system, and both can be very effective and efficient.

    In colder climates, a heat pump will provide a good level of heat until the outdoor temperatures reach close to freezing. This can substantially reduce the amount that your furnace is on, especially on warmer fall and winter days.

    Options To Consider With Heat Pumps

    There are different types of heat pumps that can do everything, from producing year-round support as dehumidifiers and A/C units, to generating heat in the winter. The best option, if you’re thinking about purchasing one of these units, is to speak with a specialist.

    Technicians from Healthy Home Heating & Cooling can meet with you at your home in the Greater Fox Valley area to help you evaluate your options. We’ll give you information and a free, no obligation quote on the installation of a new heat pump in your residence.

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