Healthy Home Heating & Cooling LLC Keeps Families Safe from Dangerous Gases

Your furnace’s heat exchanger is the unseen force that powers your home’s ability to regulate temperature. What makes heat exchanger replacement in Green Bay from Healthy Home Heating & Cooling LLC such an important consideration is the danger you and your family face if harmful gases such as carbon monoxide enter your living space.

Heat exchangers are the tubes or coils inside your furnace that actually heat air before it is distributed throughout your home via the ductwork system. Your furnace’s blower moves household air across the outside of the heat exchanger to warm it up much the same as the wind blows air over the cold water of Lake Michigan before cooling the lakeshore communities.

However, like many aspects of your home, heat exchangers do not last forever. Heat exchanger replacement becomes necessary when the air-tight barrier between the house side of the furnace and the combustion side of the furnace is compromised. This allows combustion gases such as carbon monoxide to escape into your home.

Heat exchanger replacement can extend the life of your furnace

A cracked or damaged heat exchanger does not necessarily mean the end for your furnace. Our technicians will inspect your furnace to determine if heat exchanger replacement is a viable option to replacing your entire furnace.

Remember that carbon monoxide gas released by a damaged heat exchanger has no odor. That’s why it is known as the silent killer. Make sure your house is equipped with an adequate number of carbon monoxide detectors, and that you replace them every five years.

You also may want to ask us about VOC gas removal, HEPA filters, and other air purification options while our technicians evaluate your furnace. Call us before you need a heat exchanger replacement, or your carbon dioxide detector warns you of a problem.

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