Let’s take a look at some common best practices and red flags to watch out for during any HVAC service. First off, if you’ve found a reputable local company with a great reputation then stay loyal to them until they prove otherwise. Your loyalty will not only get you great service but may even qualify you for loyalty programs or good deals!

When you’re first researching companies, stay away from signing up for the “home show sale” unless you’re familiar with the company. Saving that extra $25-50 bucks probably isn’t worth the potential headache of dealing with a new, untested service company. Do your research and make sure you’re going for the best quality, not necessarily the best price.

Next, let’s look at why you should want the best HVAC service technician in the area. Proper maintenance with the correct ‘matching brand’ replacement parts will ultimately bring lower utility bills. It also factors in a more reliable home comfort system needing fewer repairs and longer service life for your home’s systems.

You’ve Done The Research, Now What?

When the HVAC technician arrives, take the time to ask them about their process. Listen to what they say. Does he or she speak to you about regular filter replacement and the best filters for your system? Do they explain the cleaning that will be done to your evaporator and condenser coils? If so, do they also talk of treating them afterward to avoid potential mold growth? If these are the things you are hearing, then you should start with a semblance of confidence in the technician. They may also explain that through the service call they will check for air leaks to ensure your air intakes are clear and properly maintained.

Now let’s look at some cheap HVAC fixes that might raise a red flag for you. The HVAC industry can be very competitive in different areas of the country. This competition may tend to make consumers very aware of varying pricing. Pricing can appear more cost-effective by a company because they use replacement parts that don’t match the brand they’re servicing. We suggest you ask the technician and/or company what products they use. Many times, it is suggested to use matching brands when having your unit serviced.

Like my mother used to always say, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch,” so stick with the professionals at Healthy Home Heating & Cooling LLC for your HVAC services.

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