What’s New In Controls And Thermostats For Homes In The Greater Fox Valley Area

    Easy To Use ControlsIt really is amazing how technology benefits every aspect of our lives, from having instant access to information, to having fingertip control over the temperature in our home. With the newest controls and thermostats on the market today, you can even choose an intelligent model that will learn your preference and automatically adjust based on your previous input.

    The Zoning Option In Controls And Thermostats

    One of the most energy-efficient changes in controls and thermostats is the move to zone control. This allows you to set up different zones or areas, in your home and choose heating and cooling systems for each independently. You can provide heating and cooling only to the area of the home that needs it, helping you save energy and save on your power bills.

    Beyond Just Temperature Control

    Many of the systems that we install in homes and businesses in and around the Greater Fox Valley area have controls and thermostats that do a lot more than just adjust heat and cooling systems.

    Healthy Home Heating & Cooling also has thermostats that can be set to control the humidity, which is essential in our area. Other features that can be controlled from these small, stylish screens include ventilation and even air purification systems, to control the exact air quality and temperature and establish the settings you want.

    These controls and thermostats, like our other models, can be found in programmable and non-programmable options depending on your needs and preferences. We would be happy to review the various models we have on hand and help you to select the one that is right for your home.

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