Most homeowners keep their heating and ventilation systems tuned up throughout the year. What we are seeing is people aren’t taking the same care with their Central Air systems.
It can be something as simple as grass clippings clogging the coils, but the fact that the central air unit is outdoors made for the perfect ‘out of sight, out of mind’ maintenance schedule.
Many people understand that keeping the unit free from debris helps its efficiency. What they don’t know are the other items that a technician will test and maintain during his visit.
Typically, the average tune-up runs about $100 on a national average. What we are seeing as a recent trend is families signing up for our Peace of Mind Program since it usually runs cheaper than the two annual checkups. We all have busy lives and this program takes the bother of scheduling a tune-up away and replaces it with regular preventative maintenance visits scheduled by us. Handy and carefree, you bet.
When you call a company for your central air conditioning tune-up, make sure they will be checking coils, compressors, capacitors, and refrigerants.
A high-quality tune-up is more than just a system startup and running overview. Don’t be afraid to ask questions during the scheduling process, a matter of fact we encourage it here at Healthy Home Heating & Cooling LLC.

NOTE: In-home air quality is important year-round and we can address that during the tune-up for your central air conditioning system. Indoor air quality is an important component of your future health. Is now the time to upgrade your air quality? At Home Healthy Heating and Cooling, we provide those solutions. Just ask, because we want you to breathe easier.
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Keep cool, we can help. Whether you are scheduling a tune-up or signing up for our Peace of Mind Program, just give us a ring today.

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