Schedule an AC tune-up in Kimberly, WI at least once a year, if not more. Newer units tend to require only one service a year while older units may require more attention and care, especially if they have not been maintained regularly in the past. While you can get your unit maintained at any time, the best time for AC maintenance is typically during mid-to-late spring. This gives you ample of time to repair any problems without the repairs cutting into your AC usage. Depending on whether replacement parts are needed, some repairs can take quite a bit of time to complete.

Often, damages are noted during air conditioner maintenance in Kimberly, as the maintenance includes a very thorough inspection. Healthy Home Heating & Cooling LLC will take a look at all parts, including both indoor and outdoor components, the electrical wiring and the refrigerant tubing. We’ll make sure that there aren’t any glaring issues and will recommend several solutions for any issues we do notice. It’s always a good idea to repair minor problems at this point before they have a chance to worsen.