Keep your units in peak working condition by scheduling regular AC maintenance in Appleton, WI at least once a year. If you have an older unit or if you notice that your unit seems to be dropping in efficiency, you should consider giving it more attention and care and scheduling a service more frequently. The best time for an AC tune-up is during mid-to-late spring. You basically want to get ahead of any incoming heatwave, so you don’t experience any lengthy service disruptions if you need to get repairs done. It can take some time for some parts to be ordered in.

An air conditioner maintenance includes not only an inspection, but also a realignment of all parts and components. With each use, the vibrations will slowly shift various components out of place. The AC tune-up in Appleton basically puts everything back where it belongs. We will also retighten all bolts and screws and will thoroughly clean all surfaces and crevices. This gets rid of any dirt, dust and pollutants that may have settled in the AC unit.