The right type of AC installation in Appleton, WI will not only improve your quality of living, but also increase the market value of your home. A new AC can add so much value to your home that it practically pays for itself. You’ll also enjoy lower energy bills, and your AC will have an easier time keeping the indoor temperature between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll find yourself feeling the most comfortable at this temperature. You’ll be more productive and also have a higher quality of sleep.

Depending on the type of unit that you’ve chosen, an air conditioner installation in Appleton may include finding the best spot for the unit, connecting the wiring and refrigerant tubing, installing the stabilizer, interconnecting the copper pipes involved and more. We guarantee that our AC technicians will do our best to get everything done in a day, so you have the chance to enjoy your unit sooner. We also guarantee that we’ll provide you with honest, transparent advice and do our best to ensure that the AC system is installed in the right place.