Healthy Home Heating & Cooling LLC Installs and Maintains Central Air Systems

Ensuring your central air system is operating efficiently is the first step to withstanding the oppressive heat and humidity that can turn a summer day in northeast Wisconsin into an uncomfortably sweaty mess. Healthy Home Heating & Cooling LLC, works with homeowners to install and maintain their central air systems so they are ready when Mother Nature turns up the heat.

Coming on the heels of another long, cold, and snowy winter, thinking about central air systems in Green Bay may not be the foremost thought in your mind. However, spring is the ideal time to consider installing a new system or scheduling a maintenance visit to make sure your existing system is ready.

“Central air systems have had most of the year to collect leaves and other debris that can affect their ability to operate efficiently,” says Nick Conner, owner of Healthy Home Heating & Cooling LLC. “It is important to have a professional technician clean the condenser coil in the outdoor portion of your central air system so it is ready for the upcoming cooling season.”

The central air system has advantages over window units

While the initial investment in a central air system is greater than that for a window unit, the advantages of having one make it the cooling option of choice for many homeowners.

Other advantages include:
  • Noise reduction – The working parts of a central air system are located outside your home rather than protruding into the house through a nearby window.
  • Frees up space – Central air systems are out of sight, out of mind when it comes to considerations, such as furniture placement, that exist with window units.
  • Easy operation – You can program your system to run at specific times and/or temperatures.

“Improving overall indoor air quality is a major benefit of central air systems,” Conner says. “Your family can enjoy cleaner air thanks to the filters associated with a central air system and an optional UV filter installation.”

Healthy Home Heating & Cooling LLC, Indoor Air Quality Specialists

Healthy Home Heating & Cooling LLC is a Green Bay, Wisconsin-based provider of residential heating, cooling, and air quality systems and service. The company provides sales and emergency repair service within a 60-mile radius of Green Bay, Wisconsin, as well as a preventive maintenance subscription program designed to prevent breakdowns and major repairs.

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