When you think of air pollution, you may picture industrial smokestacks emitting thick smog clouds into the air. You wouldn’t think for a minute that air pollution also exists in your home.

Indoor air hazards are brought on by everyday activities such as cooking and cleaning. Scary fact time: According to the EPA, the levels of indoor air pollutants are actually higher than outdoor air pollutants.

Causes of Home Air Pollution

Indoor air is more polluted now than it ever has been before due to home weatherization and construction technology making homes more air-tight. In recent decades, indoor air pollutant concentration is increasing due to the increase in things that have a chemical make-up such as:
  • household cleaners
  • pesticides
  • candles
  • personal care products
  • home improvement products
  • air fresheners

How to Reduce Home Air Pollution

The good news is, there are ways to control indoor pollution and improve your overall indoor air quality:

Ventilation- If your home is not adequately ventilated, pollutant levels increase by not bringing in enough fresh outdoor air, and not carrying out indoor pollutants. Out with the bad air, in with the good!

Here are some ways to ventilate your home:
  • Natural Ventilation: open a window or door (if weather permits)
  • Spot Ventilation: use a bathroom or kitchen fan to remove contaminants from the room where the fan is located. Be especially vigilant in using spot ventilation when doing things such as painting, cooking, sanding, etc.
  • Whole House Ventilation: consider investing in a whole-house ventilation system to replace stale air with fresh outdoor air.

Air Cleaners- There are high-performance air cleaning products available to assist in improving your overall air quality. Some air cleaning devices are designed to be installed in the ductwork of your home’s forced heat and air systems to clean the air of your whole house by capturing and killing bacteria, allergens, and viruses such as the cold and flu. To learn more about air cleaners, visit this guide created by the EPA.

UV Photomax- Air purifiers remove VOC gasses (volatile organic compounds) and reduce them to water vapor and nitrogen, along with killing molds, mildews, fungus, bacteria, germs, and viruses that lurk in your household.

So, while your house may not be a smokestack, your home does have its own pollutants that could require attention. For more information, please call and talk to us today.

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