Every year, schedule furnace maintenance in Grand Chute, WI for your home during mid-to-late fall. Although you can schedule a service at any time, you’re likely to get the best results if you schedule during this time because you’ll be able to complete any repairs that are needed before winter approaches and the unit will not sit idle for long after getting cleaned. If you get the service during spring or summer, there is plenty of time for dirt, dust and other pollutants to settle on the surfaces and crevices. When you turn the unit on, these contaminants circulate in the air, which can be problematic for those with autoimmune disorders and allergies.

In general, your furnace should only need a tune-up once a year to stay in peak working condition. However, if you have an older unit, it may be a good idea to schedule furnace tune-up in Grand Chute more frequently to prevent premature breakdowns and other issues. The amount of heating maintenance that you need will also depend on how often you use your furnace and other issues.