One of the easiest AC installations to make is with a ductless mini-split in Howard, WI. Ductless mini-split systems do not require or rely on any custom ductwork, which significantly cuts down on the installation time. It also lowers the initial installation cost, as our team won’t have to create and design custom ductwork for your home. With a ductless air conditioner, you can expect the entire installation process to go rather smoothly. We should be in and out of your home within several hours.

The only thing that may take some is figuring out the zones. Unlike with central AC systems, a mini-split AC in Howard cannot cool down your entire home. Instead, various capacities can cool down certain volumes of space. If the capacity is too low for the intended space, the AC will need to work overtime to cool down the room. If the capacity is too high, the unit might end up short cycling. Our air conditioning and furnace team will create various zones, measure the volume of space in each zone and help you choose a mini-split system that meets the needs of the zone. Ideally, the AC should have at least 20 BTUs for each square feet of space that it needs to cool.