We’ll Be There When You Need Us

Healthy Home Heating & Cooling offers 24-hour emergency service for those times when things come up outside of regular business hours.

Your furnace goes out on a cold winter weekend? No problem. Call our regular number at 920-884-9119 and a live person will be there to get the process started. One of our technicians will call you back immediately to ask a few questions and confirm the emergency service need.

Our technician may be able to save you money by solving your issue over the phone. Some of the items they may ask you to check include:

    • Thermostat batteries
    • Power on the furnace
    • Breaker switch
    • Furnace filter

If your issue requires a site visit, we will head out right away. Payment is due at the time of service.

CONTACT US HERE or call us at 920-884-9119 to learn more or schedule a visit.