In freezing Wisconsin weather, you can’t afford to get caught with home heating problems.  At Healthy Home Heating and Cooling, we provide high quality service and products that you can depend on.  Our quality team of experts know the ins and outs of residential heating appliances as well as light commercial heating. Your heating and cooling systems are composed of mechanical parts that wear out over time.  That’s why Healthy Home is available 24/7 to service your heating needs. You should never have to worry about losing vital warmth in your home.  We service all brands of furnaces, light commercial appliances and more in a timely manner.  We offer free in home estimates for the installation of our new equipment along with a variety of financing options. Call 920-884-9119 today to set-up an appointment!

  • Great service

    Our furnace had stopped working well two days before Christmas, Healthy Home came out and told us we needed a new furnace, I said, alright what are my options? They told me what would work the best for
    our home and we chose the furnace. Then I said, do you have this particular unit in stock, and they did. Next big question was, tomorrow is Christmas eve what about installation? They said, no problem, be out tomorrow morning to install and will be done in a few hours,!thought wow, this is great, then I asked what if we have problems on Christmas day? They said once again, no problem just call and we will take care of anything that could go wrong … Now to me, thats customer service at its best. Need I say anymore???? Thank you again, Healthy Home. Frankie

    – Frank

    January 1st, 2010

    Great Service
  • Recent inspection and service of duplex’s heating units-very professional!

    Hello – I wanted to share what a great experience with a local heating and cooling company I had recently. Russ at Healthy Home Heating & Cooling provided high quality, professional service during 2 recent service calls for my duplex. Russ arrived in a timely manner, clean and dressed in a uniform identifying his company. His vehicle was also well kept, clean and clearly identified his company. Russ was very friendly and professional and listened to my story. We talked about how to proceed and he went about his job in a very straight forward and deliberate manner. He was very open to my questions and provided me with clear explanations when appropriate. His tools were in order and well maintained. He even allowed me to take a look at the heat exchanger through his portable camera (similar to the type the docs use for colonoscopy’s) – I was amazed how good of a view it provided of the heat exchanger which in fact and unfortunately was cracked. Frankly, I don’t know how anyone could honestly tell you that your heat exchanger is fine without actually visualizing it with a similar type of device. Anyway after determining the exchanger was cracked in several places Russ checked the the remainder of the furnace and then once everything else was found to be in order he put it all back together. We then discussed several options as to fixing the furnace as well as getting an idea of several options of new furnaces on the market. Russ was truly the type of heating and cooling service person we all wish there were more of out there in the world. His passion for his business, his knowledge and the quality of his service speaks volumes to me. He will be the person I call with any of my future heating and cooling needs. Thanks Russ for a job well done.

    – Tim

    August 8, 2010


    Recent inspection and service of duplex’s heating units-very professional!
  • Healthy Home exceeded my expectations

    When I finally went to turn my heat on – it didn’t work. I followed the tips that Healthy Home posts to ensure the basic troubleshooting  was covered before calling. When those options didn’t work I called Healthy Home. They arrived at my house promptly and came back with the replacement part within a few hours. I had heat within hours and the repair costs were reasonable. Thank you Healthy Home for your great service!

    – Tracy

    October 13, 2009

    Exceeded my expectations